SM Entertainment Releases Statement About SHINee Key’s Military Discharge – To Return To Civilian Life In October

According to SHINee Key’s military release, SM Entertainment delivered a short however sweet articulation. The organization told media source, Star Today, that he is at present on an excursion leave, and will be delivered from administration quickly without need to re-visitation of base.

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Key is presently on his year-end leave, and because of the measures taken to forestall spread of the Covid, he will be released promptly without need to re-visitation of base. His official release date is 7 October. There won’t be some other military release occasion

As indicated by convention, warriors must re-visitation of base to be released before being delivered from obligation on location. In any case, because of the ongoing pandemic, army installations have started to take preventive measures. This permits warriors to be released outside of base, if they go through their leave days to before their planned release.

Key enrolled already on 4 March 2019. Preceding his release, pioneer Onew was delivered from his obligations. Minho will release in November, rejoining the young men for a brief timeframe before Taemin is anticipated to enroll some time one year from now.

Perabotan Kayu Dilahap Rayap, Atasi dengan Cara Berikut

Rayap merupakan perusak utama perabotan yang terbuat dari kayu. Hewan kecil ini berkembang biak sangat cepat dan dalam jumlah banyak. Oleh karena itu, segera basmi rayap dan lakukan langkah pencegahan sebelum keberadaannya semakin merajalela dengan pembasmi rayap bali.

Bila ingin membeli perabot, periksa dulu dengan saksama. Pastikan tidak ada lubang atau tanda pembusukan. Rayap suka tinggal di lingkungan lembab. Lakukan pengecekan rutin terhadap kayu, furnitur, dan rumah dari rayap.

Singkirkan rayap dengan menggunakan metode yang paling sesuai. Berikut beberapa cara untuk membasmi rayap, seperti dilansir Boldsky.

Sinar matahari

Rayap suka tinggal di tempat yang gelap dan sejuk, mereka tak suka sinar matahari, tidak hanya membenci cahayanya, tapi juga sengatan panasnya. Jemur perabot yang menjadi tempat bersarangnya rayap selama 2-3 jam. Panas matahari bisa membunuh rayap. Terus ulangi proses ini selama beberapa hari.

Metode kardus

Rayap memakan selulosa yang ada di kardus. Hal ini membuat kardus menjadi perangkap sempurna bagi rayap. Basahi beberapa lembar kardus dan letakkan di dekat bukaan. Kardus yang basah atau lembab menarik rayap dalam jumlah besar. Bila kardus sudah penuh dengan rayap, hati-hati membawanya keluar rumah dan membakarnya. Tempatkan satu set kardus basah di tempat yang sama dan ulangi prosesnya.

Asam borat

Lapisi atau semprot beberapa lapis kayu dengan asam borat, lalu taruh di tempat yang banyak rayap. Bahan kimia ini efektif membunuh rayap. Cek secara rutin dan semprotkan ulang asam borat pada kayu secara teratur dan berkala.

Minyak jeruk

Minyak jeruk mengandung D-Limonen yang sangat efektif menyingkirkan rayap, bisa dioleskan di atas area yang penuh rayap atau dengan menyemprotnya. Minyak ini akan membunuh rayap.

Bersihkan tempat yang lembab

Rayap sangat membutuhkan air untuk kelangsungan hidup. Jika sumber air dan kelembaban terputus, kelangsungan hidup mereka terancam. Membunuh rayap akan sangat efektif bila Anda mengatasi sumber masalahnya, yaitu membersihkan tempat yang lembab.

Dwan, Ivey Big Winners in “Top Guns” Cash Game So Far

The first seven episodes of the “Judi Online” cash game on “Poker After Dark” have now aired (eight if you include the first “Director’s Cut”, and Tom “durrrr” Dwan continues to lead in terms of overall profits.

Dwan, who originally bought in for $250k, continues to hover around the $520k mark. Much of Dwan’s $250k+ in profits came from two big hands against Patrik Antonius and Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies that were aired last week.

Phil Ivey and Eli Elezra continue to remain profitable, although Elezra lost a large chunk of his stack trying to bluff when Ivey had flopped a set of twos.

Ilari Sahamies continues to be the biggest loser of the two-week series, and has had to rebuy multiple times.

After getting off to a really bad start in episode #1 of the show, Howard Lederer has been pretty quiet, and is still in the red.

Patrik Antonius, after digging himself into $100k+ hole, has nearly returned to profitability, thanks in large part to a big pot that was played against “Ziigmund”. Antonius flopped trip sevens and managed to catch “Ziigmund” in a stone-cold bluff.

There were four interesting hands this episode:

1. Phil Ivey vs Tom Dwan. Ivey and Dwan played a game of chicken pre-flop, getting into a major raising war while both holding marginal hands.

Ivey held 10-8 of diamonds while Dwan held 7-8 offsuit. Ivey came over the top of a 30k re-raise from Dwan, forcing “durrrr” to instantly muck his hand.

2. Phil Ivey vs Antonius vs Eli Elezra. Elezra raised pre-flop holding A-Q offsuit, Ivey called with 2-2, Antonius put in another raise holding A-K suited, and Elezra and Ivey both called.

The flop came 4-2-6 with two spades, giving Ivey a set of twos.


Today we take you on a journey of one specific area of Global Poker—our trophies. What we do for our players is very important to us, and specifically with the trophies—judging by your responses to Situs Poker Online —it’s clearly important to you too. We’d like to share the story with you of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

At Global Poker our goal is to exceed our players’ expectations. Since our beginnings—back in late 2016—we’ve constantly sought to give our players more. More games, a wider variety of formats, more tournaments, more payment and redemption choices, more rewards, bigger prizes, more fun and more entertainment.

That’s how we see it at Global Poker. We’re continuing to grow and progress. When we started, we didn’t know how things would turn out, how we would grow and what the response from players would be. It was all new. We’ve always enjoyed pushing our own boundaries, and bringing our players along for the ride, spurred on and inspired by their enthusiasm.

Read on and find out where our trophies have been and where they’re going. First, it’s worth looking at what a trophy is and why they exist.



There’s some interesting psychology behind rewards. We’re not going to get into that too deeply; after all, this isn’t an article for Psychology Today, it’s Global Poker. However, it’s an interesting aspect of what motivates us all, so it’s worth taking a moment to talk about rewards in general, and what they mean and symbolize.

How Apple’s iPhone changed the world: 10 years in 10 charts

Apple’s first iPhone was released 10 years ago this week — on June 29, 2007. While it wasn’t the first smartphone, it leapfrogged far beyond the competition and launched the mobile revolution and Iphone Cases. Few industries or societies have been left unchanged.

Here are 10 charts that show some of the profound effects the iPhone-led — and Google Android-fueled — mobile boom have caused over the past decade.

  1. The iPhone put the internet in everyone’s pocket
    When Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone, he described it as a “a revolutionary mobile phone,” a “widescreen iPod with touch controls” and a “breakthrough Internet communications device.”

While it’s called the iPhone and LG Cases, it’s that last part — the internet device — that has had the biggest effect on the world. That’s most obvious in this Ericsson chart showing the usage of mobile voice — relatively steady growth — and exploding mobile internet traffic — boosted by iOS and Android apps, photos and especially video — over the years.

  1. The iPhone transformed photography from a hobby to a part of everyday life
    Smartphones, along with their attendant photo-editing apps, put good cameras in everybody’s pockets and we all became prolific photographers. The simultaneous rise of social media platforms, in turn, gave us a place and a reason to post our photos.

This year, 1.2 trillion digital photos will be taken worldwide, and most of those — 85 percent — will be taken on phones, according to market research firm KeyPoint Intelligence (formerly known as InfoTrends). That’s up from the 400 billion digital photos taken in 2011.

  1. The iPhone App Store changed the way software was created and distributed
    Apple launched its App Store in 2008 — a year after the iPhone’s launch — with 500 apps. Now there are 2.1 million on the App Store and 3.4 million on its Android competitor Google Play, according to app measurement company App Annie.

Apps have turned phones into everything from a bank to a motion-sensitive video game device. Indeed, a warehouse of nostalgia could be stuffed with the everyday items that smartphones replaced: Maps, flashlights, clocks, scanners, video cameras, calendars, calculators, computers, iPods and more.

In the first quarter of 2017, the combined publisher revenue for downloads and in-app purchases in the App Store and Google Play grew to $10.5 billion — not including revenue from in-app advertising or commerce, such as Amazon purchases or Uber rides.